Plotting Horizontal Bars

In this post we will review how to plot horizontal bars using MatPlot

Let’s put the code first

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt


plt.barh(items,sale_units,color="green",label="Sales by Cat")
plt.xlabel("Sales Units")
plt.ylabel("Sales Category")
plt.text(500,1,"Price Dropped",fontsize=14, color="blue")
plt.text(100,3,"Stock Issue",fontsize=14, color="red")
plt.title("Sales by Category")

As you can see we can establish the size of the figure and adjust the size of the figure we the command plt.figure(figsize=(X,Y))

To draw horizontal bars we use the command plt.barh()

One interesting thing is the possibility to add specific comment to the plot area to facilitate the understanding from the user.

We can achieve that using the command plt.text where we first establish the position of the command, then the text we want to show and then we can format the text by specifying font size and color.

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