Plotting Vertical Bars

Let’s have a look at how to Plot Vertical Bars using MatPlot Lib

In this example we imagine that we have to represent the sales of 4 categories of items: “Radio”,”Television”,”Phones”,”PlayStation”

We also know that each of this categories has sold respectively : 400,100,200,600 units.

Let’s have a look at the code:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
sale_units=[400,100,200,600],sale_units,color="blue",label="Units by Cat")
plt.title("Sales by Category")
plt.xlabel("Category of Goods")
plt.ylabel("Unit Sales")

As you can see in line 4 we represent categories of item (Axis X) and sale units (Axis Y). We also add that the label that describes better the content of the graph.

As we have defined a label we can now implement a new function (plt.legend). This function needs as a parameter represented by the location. Right now in this example we will tell the program to put the legend into the best location.

Finally we show the graph calling the function

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